August 13, 2011

Committee Chair’s Guidelines

Please review the following information regarding Dutch Neck PTA Financial Policies and Procedures for Committees carefully.

BUDGET: The general membership will be presented with a PTA Budget at its first meeting in September. Once approved, the budget number is what your committee will work with. Please make every effort to stay within your budget. Any expenditure over the budget for your committee must be approved by the PTA President and the Treasurer.

CASH BOXES: If you need a cash box for your event, please contact the PTA Treasurer at least one week in advance. Please be specific as to the kind of change you need (singles, coins, etc.).

DEPOSITS: Once you begin collecting money for your event, it is important that you maintain good records by using the Funds Received Form. Call or email the PTA Treasurer when you have money to be deposited. Do not leave deposits in the PTA Box unless arrangements have been made for pick up.

  • CHECKS: Please prepare a computer listing of all checks received. When summarizing your receipts, please include check name, check # and amount. At the bottom of each page, please subtotal the amount of the checks. At the end of your summary, please provide a grand total of all checks collected as well as the total number of checks to be deposited. If you do not have a computer program that will help you do this type of adding and accounting, you may prepare this by hand.
  • CASH: If you receive cash from your event, please count the money and note the total amount of cash to be deposited using the Funds Received Form. The PTA Treasurer will double check the amount. Additionally, keep a summary of names and amounts to correspond with the cash part of your deposit.

EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENTS: Please use the Tax Exempt Form (email to avoid paying taxes when you purchase items on behalf of school. You must complete a Check Request Form when requesting PTA funds. Complete the form and attach your receipts and/or invoices and put it in the PTA box within 30 days of incurring the expense.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact the DNPTA Treasurer at